Marc Levitt's 2011/2012 Schedule (tentative)

January 2011 Worked in Ghana, Uganda and South Africa (Click here for a special section of stories from The American International School of Johannesburg written in the spring 2011 after Marc Levitt's visit)  
February 2011 Brazil
March 2011 Thailand and Singapore
Installed  'Concrete Thoughts' at CCRI Warwick Campus
April 2011 Mexico  
September / October 2011

New England
‘Audio Winds #2, Stories in the Sand’, an audio art piece that takes place along Narragansett Beach will debut in the fall of 2011

October 5, 12, 19, 26, 2011 Action Speaks! Radio Show (Host and Artistic Director); AS 220, Providence, RI  
November-December 2011

Morocco, Europe, Middle East

January 2012 Mozambique, Zambia and others  
February 2012 Brazil and other South American Countries
March 2012 Greece (Keynote for ECIS Conference on Early Childhood Education)
April 2012 Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia...
Note Please let Marc know if you your school is in one of the above regions where he is planning to visit. If so, ask if a visit can be arranged.  

Marc Levitt's 2010 Schedule

January 2010 International Schools in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal)  
February 2010 International Schools in Brazil  
May - July 2010 Audiowinds#1, RISD Museum, Providence, RI, USA  
August 13th at 5:30 pm Special Action Speaks!
Artist Shepard Fairey and Political Activist/Author Lawrence Lessig on Stage at AS220 with Action Speaks’ Host Marc Levitt!
October 6, 13, 20, 27

Action Speaks! Radio Show (Host and Artistic Director); AS 220, Providence, RI


Marc Levitt's 2009 Schedule

January-Feb 2009 School Visits in Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Oman and Mumbai
March 2009 School Visits in Thailand
April 2009 Action Speaks! April 29
School Visits in New England
May 2009 Action Speaks! May 6, 13, 20
Conference in Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, Slovakia
School Visits in New England and New York City
September 2009 Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong International Schools  
Every Wednesday in October 2009 Action Speaks! Radio Show (Host and Artistic Director); AS 220, Providence   
November 2009 International Schools in Europe


Marc Levitt's Schedule 2008


Public and B.I.A. schools in New Mexico


Public schools in the Central Coast of California
Host of two part, thirty minute discussion following the presentation of Prayer in America with Rhode Island religious leaders on February 21 and 28 at 8pm on Rhode Island PBS

March Keynote Speaker at Tauck World Discovery Travel Services in Bermuda.
Text of Mr. Levitt's talk (pdf file).
Workshops at Central and Eastern European Schools Association Conference (CEESA), Istanbul, Turkey
International Schools in Turkey

International Schools in Guatemala


Russell Spears Benefit/Celebration

Schools in Thailand

October Action Speaks Radio Show (Host and Artistic Director); AS 220, Providence
Taping begins at 5:30pm (October 1, 15, 22, 29)

Soup and Stories - Ninigret Refuge Through Time. Kettle Pond Visitor Center, Charlestown, RI (October 16, 6.30pm)

Oral History Resident in Salem, Connecticut
November-December School visits in Paris, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Monte Carlo, Copenhagen, Vienna, and Zagreb

Marc Levitt's Schedule 2007

January 8-19
West Las Vegas and Benalillo, New Mexico  
January 22-26 Escuela Campo Allege and the VANAS Conference, Caracas Venezuela  
February 1-9 West Las Vegas and Bernalillo, New Mexico  
February 12-16
Martin Luther King School in Seaside, Ca.  
February 23 Host of Rhode Island PBS/Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities 'Town Meeting'  
March 1-2
Hebron, Ct.  
March 12-16 Shanghai Community School, China
March 19-26
Brent International School in Manila, Philippines  
March 29 Keynote Speaker at the Rhode Island Teachers of Reading Conference  
March 30 Host of Rhode Island PBS/Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities 'Town Meeting'
April 2-6
Monterey, Ca.
April 12-20 Bernalillo and West Las Vegas, New Mexico  
April 26-29 International School; Gothenburg Region and Nordic Schools Conference  
May 31, June 7

Host of Rhode Island Public TV's (Channel 36)
'Being Connected'; Adult Communities in Conversation; May 31 @ 8pm
and Youth Communities in Conversation; June 7th @ 9pm;

June 4,5,6 Los Arboles Middle School, Seaside, California: Coffee House Project  
June 11,12 Krakow International School; Krakow, Poland  
July 27th Triple Decker; Waterplace Park, Providence, 6:30 pm  
September 1,2
Rhythm and Roots Festival; Charlestown, Rhode Island  
September 10-21 American Embassy School; New Delhi, India  
October 4
Rhode Island School Librarian Conference; Cranston, Rhode Island  

October 10,17,24,31

Taping begins
at 5:30 pm

Action Speaks! Radio Show (Host and Artistic Director); AS 220, Providence, RI

Action Speaks! (Significant, Yet Underappreciated Dates of the 20th Century) is taped at AS 220 and broadcast the following Sunday at 8pm on WRNI 1290 Providence, 1230 Westerly and 102.7 Narragansett

Action Speaks! topics include:
October 10: Cassius Clay Changes his name in 1964
October 17: Prozac introduced in 1987
October 24: Duchamp submits the 'Urinal' in 1917

October 31: Farmer’s Tractor 'March' on Washington in 1979

November European Schools - Barcelona and Valencia, Spain; Basel, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria and Frankfurt, Germany  
December Elementary and Middle schools in Northern New Mexico  

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“I still remember the time you came to our school. You were amazing. You were very funny and interesting and made me think a lot about myself and about my experiences.”
8th Grade student from the American School of Johannesburg, May 2011 

Action Speaks! October 1, 2008
AS220, Providence

"You got me look at the ocean!"

10 year old student,
Monterey, California

Marc Levitt - Storytelling at International School Bangkok, Thailand, September 2008


Action Speaks! October 10, 2007

Hi Marc, I just wanted to say thank you for keeping up with the hectic schedule that we made for you. I'm sure that you had the feeling of rushing from one class to the next with barely enough time to get the process going. Judging from the feedback from the teachers you were right on target for all three grades. The group that was a combination of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade writers had "a blast." I think these two reactions point to the universal appeal of your performances, impressing students as young as eight years of age right up through the twelve year olds. We're looking forward to having you back soon.

Bill Dwan, Center School, Thomaston, Ct; October 2007