Preparing for a visit from Marc Levitt

The more foundational work that is done with administrators, teachers and students, the more successful my visit will be. Let everyone know way in advance that I am visiting so there are no surprises and/or resentments. Teachers need time to prepare their classes and to open up time for me in their schedules. If everyone is prepared and happy about my arrival, it will be a celebration and not a burden.

To maximize a visit from me here are a few suggestions:

  • Circulate my web site to teachers
  • Encourage teachers to write me with any questions, concerns and/or suggestions for my visit
  • Ask teachers to let their children know about my visit by talking about my work, where I’ve been, what I’ve written and what I’m likely to do. The more the students are excited about my arrival the easier it will be for me to stimulate their interests
  • If possible put up posters about my visit around the school with the date of my arrival
  • Let me know if you are working with any specific writing/social studies/social skills curriculum and send of some links and/or writings about them

A short relevant story:

A group of people were exiled from their land in the Persian Empire. Fleeing by boat into the Arabian Sea, they struggled to find a place to land and to settle. They sent a small boat with a few representatives to a Kingdom in what is now called India. The Ruler of that Kingdom agreed to meet and while not understanding the language recognized what the people adrift at sea were looking for. He got a glass and filled it with milk and told the representatives to take it back to their leaders to signify that their country was full and could take in no others.

The representatives brought the full glass carefully back to the larger boat. Their leader looked at it, ordered that some sugar be poured in and sent it back to the mainland. The Maharajah looked at it quizzically until he was asked to taste it. Realizing that the milk was now sweeter than it had been previously, he immediately understood the message; that the exiles would be not burdens, but would add only sweetness to the kingdom. Needless to say, they did.

Please help me to do the same for your school!


Marc Levitt

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Dear Mr. Levitt,
I'm Ashika. I study in grade 8. And I loved all the stories you told us and that inspired me alot. I love to write stories but I feel bored as I continue the story. Now I know that stories can also be made up of someone's personal life. Once again thank you for coming to Woodstock and sharing your wonderful stories with us. I will always remember you

Regards, Ashika
Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India
November 2006

Photo: Alan Howard, Mussoorie, India